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J. Arevalo Disney Testimonial

Disney Memories

I grew up going to Disney, so I still love going as an adult (without kids). There are lots of fun rides and the whole park is laid out with a lot of thought toe great design. My personal favorite rides are Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain, with serious nostalgia points for Dumbo and the Tiki Room.

Jonathan A.

S. Bauer Disney Testimonial

Fun Fun Fun

We probably never would have gone to Disney if it wasn't for the package that we were awarded through Casablanca Express. It kinda gave us the kick we needed 🙂 We had a GREAT time. The hotel and the vouchers for Disney's California Adventure gave us a renewed glimpse of our inner children. We had fun....fun....fun....Wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Stephanie Ann B.

A. Benaducci Disney Testimonial

Beautiful Family Memories

Our family had a wonderful time on our Disneyland vacation thanks to the accommodations made by Casablanca Express! The hotel we stayed at was just a short walk across the street from Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks. It was pretty awesome not having to worry about driving through traffic, parking, and added costs. Best of all, our 3 and 1 year old daughters were in Disney Heaven. We rode almost every ride, met all the Disney princesses, took pictures with various characters, and ate some amazing food. Seeing their eyes and smiles light up were everything to us. We all had a blast creating beautiful family memories while spending quality time together. Thank you for helping us plan our family vacation Casablanca Express. We’re looking forward to having you book our next trip!

Alfleen B.

T. Bowie Disney Testimonial

Greatest Place On Earth

We had great time taking my 7 year old son to Disneyland for the first time. Casablanca gave us great hotel accommodations, so much so that my son wanted to leave Disneyland...The Greatest Place on Earth early to go back to the hotel! They customer service was great and reservations were quick and easy. I would recommend Casablanca for any of your vacation needs.

Tamera J B.

S. Brown Disney Testimonial

Unforgettable Memory

Our trip to Disneyland through Casablanca Express was amazing! It gave my husband and I an unforgettable vacation together to a place I have never been to and always wanted to go! A memory I will never forget. This vacation was the most stress free planning ever since the team at Casablanca Express did the brunt of the work and arranged everything. I can't wait until our next vacation!

Samantha N B.

Michael E. Disney Testimonial

Huge Blessing

We had the privilege of having a weekend getaway from Casablanca to Disneyland and loved it! The hotel was close to the park which was super convenient and allowed us to stay at the park later. This trip was a huge blessing to us since it allowed my wife and I to get away from our crazy lives for a weekend and enjoy each other.

Michael E.

Jibri L. Disney Testimonial

What A Blessing

Me and my wife had a wonderful time at Anaheim CA. We both just recently purchased a Home, and have been cutting back on or spending, Casablanca express was a blessing to us, it allowed us to visit the Disneyland theme park ( something we left to do ) at a fraction of the price. We really cherish the time that we spent together at the theme park. I give our overall experience an excellent report! Thank you guys!

Jibri L.

Rosemary P. Disney Testimonial

Magical Day At Disneyland

We enjoyed a magical day at Disneyland. My boyfriend had just fractured his foot a couple weeks before our trip. He wasn't looking forward to being pushed around the park in a wheel chair, we made the best of it and had lots of fun. We went on rides, ate in the New Orleans area, and enjoyed seeing the wonderful sites of Disneyland. My favorite part...taking a pic with Minnie Mouse!!

Rosemary P.

Mikayla. W. Disney Testimonial

Star Tours At Disneyland

My husband and I used our Casablanca Express voucher for a trip to Disneyland and had a great time on our little mini vacation from work! This picture was taken outside of star tours and the Storm Trooper pulled down my mickey ears for the picture, he was a lot of fun!

Mikayla W.

John G. Disneyland Testimonial

Three Night Disney Stay

Thank you so much to Casablanca express for our wonderful thanksgiving vacation. A 3 nights stay at Anaheim Plaza Hotel & suites. Spending our youth with full of happiness in Disneyland! The Hotel was awesome! Very close to Disneyland. The room was spacious with balcony and a swiming pool. Staff was kind. Breakfast is nice, and not that expensive.

John G.

Candace G. Disneyland Testimonial

Very Pleased

We absolutely loved our stay in Anaheim at the Anaheim Plaza hotel and suites. It has a restaurant, which was so convenient, and a great gift shop for those last minute Disneyland items. So pleased we booked through Casablanca Express.

Candace G.

Jane C. Disneyland Testimonial

Fun With The Grand Kids

We had a great time with my grand-kids went to Disneland, had dinner at down town Disney, saw the fireworks from Hotel the rooms were nice, kids went swimming, jacuzzi. It made it easy to cross the street to Disneland.

Janie C.

Richard C. Disneyland Testimonial

Best Family Vacation Ever

Best family vacation ever! The accommodations provided by Casablanca were exactly what you would expect in Sunny Southern California. The room was spacious and included all available amenities. Located just a stones throw from the happiest place on earth, we were able to take a dip in the Olympic size pool and return to the park feeling energized and refreshed. Thank you Casablanca for having responsive customer service staff and for partnering with hotels in prime locations.

Richard C.

Robin D. Disneyland Testimonial

Simply Amazing

My Husband and I enjoyed our trip to Anaheim ca very much. California's adventure park was simply Amazing. The Hotel was more then what was expected, We received a two night stay in a beautiful large five star hotel over looking the city we also received two, 1 day passe's to the park of our choice. Checking in/ out was fast and easy, an picking up our passes for the park was simple. The trip was relaxing an stress free! I would recommend Casablancaexpress tours to all who enjoy the comfort of a Vacation without the worries of the reservation!

Robin D.